Are CD-R Disks reliable?

The CD-R disks we use have achieved excellent environmental tests under high temperature and high humidity. After acceleration aging tests, these disks show stable error ratios over 1,000 hours or 100 years storage under room conditions. They are deemed highly reliable for long-life integrity.

What is the minimum CD Duplication order that can be placed?

No order is too small. If your artwork is truly copy ready and fully compatible with our software, we have a $10.00 setup fee per order, and then our price per CD based on whether it is printed with Black Ink or Color Inks, whether you want 5 copies or 500 copies. In addition there will be the cost of shipping the product back to you.

Is there a minimum order for CD Inserts, Posters or Brochures?

Again, there is no minimum. However, the setup costs are a lot higher since these products are not printed using a thermal printer, but will be printed on a commercial printing press. We will be glad to give you a quote based on your anticipated quantity so you can make the best decision for your application.

Must I have a CD Insert?

Since the quality of the imprinting on the CD is very good, some of our customers have chosen to bypass the costs of printing CD inserts, and are just using the clear slim-line jewel cases or the paper sleeves, which work beautifully to display the printing of the CD itself. So when cost is a major factor, and when you can fit all your titles, logos, and contact information on the front of the CD, you can definitely order only the CD duplication, with or without sleeves or jewel cases.

How quickly will my order be processed?

CD Duplication will normally be processed within 2 working days of receipt of the Master CD and ready-to-print artwork. CD Inserts, Posters or Brochures will take up to 2 weeks from either the receipt of ready-to-print artwork, or after we receive final approval of our artwork design.